The Best Places To Watch The Sunset in Dallas

sunset at a vineyard

Every evening, the sunset turns the Texas skies into a majestic painting with stunning shades of gold, pink, and lavender.  If you would like to take in this magnificent sight, the best places to watch the sunset around Dallas include: Delaney Vineyards  After Jerry Delaney purchased cotton fields in his hometown of Lamesa, Texas, he […]

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Enjoy Bird Watching at the Largest Urban Hardwood Forest in the United States

bird watching

The Metroplex is home to several bird watching destinations including the Trinity River Audubon Center. With river, prairie, and bottomland hardwood forest habitats, it’s not uncommon for bird watchers to see more than fifty species in one day. Highlights include: Yellow-throated Warbler  True to their name, yellow-throated warblers are gray and white with a splash […]

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The Best Mountain Biking Trails Near One Dallas Center

mountain biking

Did you know that in addition to being a thrill-seeking activity, mountain biking also offers an array of benefits such as improved sleep quality, stress relief, and better body balance? If you would like to spend a fun-filled day pedaling along the trails, the best ones around our apartment community include: Oak Cliff Nature Preserve Mountain Bike […]

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