Enjoy Bird Watching at the Largest Urban Hardwood Forest in the United States

bird watching

The Metroplex is home to several bird watching destinations including the Trinity River Audubon Center.

With river, prairie, and bottomland hardwood forest habitats, it’s not uncommon for bird watchers to see more than fifty species in one day. Highlights include:

Yellow-throated Warbler 

True to their name, yellow-throated warblers are gray and white with a splash of yellow on their throat. They’re about the size of a sparrow and are well-proportioned birds with sharp, pointed beaks. Often spotted around woodlands with streams, yellow-throated warblers forage by hopping along branches and probing into crevices. 

Fox Sparrow 

Fox sparrows are chunky birds with rust-brown feathers above and a blend of rust and gray on their heads. They spend a lot of time on the ground and are typically hard to spot as they rarely venture far from cover. During the spring and summer months, males sing a sweet whistled song lasting two to three seconds.

Great Blue Heron

Grayish-blue overall, great blue herons are very large and tall birds with a long bill. They wade or stand statue still to stalk fish and other prey in shallow water. Great blue herons are most vocal on the breeding grounds, and both males and females snap their beaks together as part of territorial displays. 

Loggerhead Shrike

Loggerhead shrikes are gray with a black mask and white flashes in the black wings. They sit low on exposed perches scanning for prey and eat their small catches immediately while saving larger ones for later. Listen for their quiet songs consisting of short trills, rasps, and buzzes. 

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