Discover Your Inner Artist at The Fabrication Yard

spraying graffiti

Tucked away in the heart of Dallas, the concrete jungle comes alive with color and creativity in an abandoned warehouse. Austin may still be the weirdest city in Texas, but Dallas’ own Fabrication Yard has brought a little eccentricity to town. Residents of One Dallas Center need only cross the nearby Trinity River to arrive at 621 Fabrication Street, […]

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Check Out The Dallas Farmers Market

at a farmers market

With its origins dating as far back as the late 19th century, the Dallas Farmers Market is one of the city’s most treasured attractions. Located in the heart of downtown Dallas, this market began as a wholesale business for area farmers to sell their produce. Since that time, the Dallas Farmers Market has flourished into a bustling center […]

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Unusual Attractions in Dallas

eye sculpture

Sometimes, it is fun to explore unique or unusual attractions offered by a city. Out of the norm attractions have their own charm. There are many such hidden gems near our community in Dallas. The Eye Located minutes away from our community, nestled in the gardens of Joule Hotel, you will come across this thirty-foot giant eyeball and […]

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