Explore Texas’ Blanton Museum of Art from Home

art museum in Texas

With an extensive collection ranging from ancient Greek pottery to abstract expressionism, it’s no wonder that the Blanton Museum of Art is the country’s foremost university art museum, and it’s right here in Texas.

Found at The University of Texas at Austin, its galleries hold the largest public art collection in Central Texas. If you would like to discover the unique works, take a “walk” through the museum with its virtual tour. Here are some exhibitions you can enjoy from our apartments in downtown Dallas.

Ed Ruscha: Drum Skins 

Featuring text painted on drumheads, Ed Rushca drew inspiration from the slang he grew up hearing in Oklahoma to illustrate Drum Skins. Known for his use of language, his works connect the verbal with the visual. They consist of double and triple negatives and provide audiences with a new way of looking at art. 

The Avant-garde Networks of Amauta

While no longer on public view, The Avant-garde Networks of Amauta can still be enjoyed during the virtual tour. The exhibition shares the history of Latin America through the Amauta magazine. It covered the important artistic and political conversations between 1926 and 1930, including the international discussions of the avant-garde. The exhibit’s more than 200 paintings, sculptures, and woodcut prints, take viewers on a fascinating journey through this radical period. 

Arte Sin Fronteras: Prints from the Self Help Graphics Studio

Arte Sin Fronteras showcases more than 350 prints from Self Help Graphics ranging from the late 1970s to the late 1990s. The works were donated by a former professor and highlight the Experimental Atelier Program. Since its inception, the program has invited artists to create screen prints and has produced thousands of limited edition images since 1982. 

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