The Best Bars and Breweries in Downtown Dallas

a man holding a cocktail in Dallas

It’s a gorgeous day in Dallas, TX, and you’re excited to hit the town and drink it all in. There’s so much to do in this big, bustling city, you can’t just hit the streets aimlessly. To really enjoy a day in Dallas, you need to know where to go and what to drink.

BrainDead Brewing

Armed with an arsenal of delicious and fantastic beers, this industrial-styled brewery will get you pumped about the craft brew scene in Dallas. Try the Piper at The Gates of Dawn, a Scotch ale with a coffee kick that will make you want to seize the day. And if you like bacon, well, many unique beers on the menu will satisfy your craving.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

A short walk from BrainDead Brewing, this trippy and colorful locale offers a variety of canned and bottled beers that fluctuate perfectly with the seasons. Rare specialty beers are available by month, with March 2018 bringing the Bellman’s Bride, a barrel-aged brown ale that promises to be as delicious as it is alluring. The brewery is partnered with a local coffee roaster and also hosts live music and fascinating brewery tours.

Midnight Rambler

A vintage 60’s atmosphere permeates this grooving bar on Main Street, which features live music events that will transport you back to the era of vinyl and neon. If you like Scotch as much as Ron Burgundy, try the Rocks Off, a cocktail made with Islay Single Malt, or keep it classy with an Old Fashioned.

Black Swan Saloon

Get out of the Texas sun and relax on the shady patio at the Black Swan Saloon, where Four-Leaf Clovers (their version of the Irish Car Bomb) come in rounds of six for you and your friends. This is the kind of place where the bartenders are mad scientists who have perfected the kind of mysterious libations that will make you believe in magic all over again.

If you’re getting double vision just thinking about the possibilities, remember that all these spots are in Downtown Dallas and walking distance from the apartments at One Dallas Center. Don’t just visit downtown, live downtown at One Dallas Center. Contact us today to learn about everything we have to offer.

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