The Best Mountain Biking Trails Near One Dallas Center

mountain biking

Did you know that in addition to being a thrill-seeking activity, mountain biking also offers an array of benefits such as improved sleep quality, stress relief, and better body balance?

If you would like to spend a fun-filled day pedaling along the trails, the best ones around our apartment community include:

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve Mountain Bike Trails

Rated as intermediate, the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve Mountain Bike Trails feature some of the best creek crossings in the Metroplex. The preserve is a 120-acre oasis inside an urban environment, and it comes complete with eight miles of singletrack trails. They meander through wide open fields, and along the way, riders find several three to four-foot logs, colorful wildflowers, and the occasional tight squeeze through a pair of trees.

Harry S. Moss Mountain Bike Trail

Nestled along the banks of the White Rock Creek, the Harry S. Moss Trail spans more than five miles and is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders alike. The path mainly wanders through the trees and features dips, dirt mounds, seven wooden bridges, and even a few short hills. A number of areas come close to the creek’s edge, providing cyclists with a pleasant environment for an afternoon adventure.

Big Cedar Wilderness Trails

Consisting of mainly packed dirt, the Big Wilderness Trails stretch a combined thirteen miles. The paths include Blue Canyon, Man Bites Dog, and S.O.S., and they range from beginner to advanced. They are all well marked to make for easy riding, and features may include switchbacks, small drops and climbs, and rocky areas.

Mountain biking is just one of the outdoor activities that residents of One Dallas Center can enjoy. Please contact us to arrange a tour where you can learn about our leasing options while seeing firsthand all we have to offer.

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