The Best Spring Rolls in Dallas

Fried spring rolls in a pot.

Spring rolls are a delicious Asian snack consisting of rice paper filled with minced vegetables and meat. Rolled into a cylinder before being fried, they make the perfect appetizer. Now that you’re craving spring rolls, visit one of these restaurants near our Dallas high-rise apartments. You’ll find the best spring rolls in town. DaLat Restaurant  […]

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3 Whiskey Bars in Dallas

An old fashioned cocktail being pouring into a glass on a bartop.

Did you know whiskey has a long, storied history? It originated over 1,000 years ago when distillation made a migration from mainland Europe into Ireland and Scotland. European colonists brought the drink to America in the 1600s, and today, it’s served across the country. Head to one of these whiskey bars near our apartments in […]

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Check Out a New Organic Restaurant in Dallas

A bowl of healthy food from an organic restaurant in Dallas.

Are you interested in eating healthier in the new year? Flower Child Dallas¬†opened a new restaurant near our downtown Dallas luxury apartments. The new location, just over a mile from our community, believes healthy food equals a happier world. Restaurant highlights include: Flower Child Philosophy Flower Child believes happiness begins within the body. Their goal […]

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