The Best Vegan Spots in Dallas

A vegetarian salad from a vegan-friendly restaurant in Dallas, TX.

Whether it’s your dietary choice or you want to try something new, Dallas has some delicious vegan options to satisfy yourtaste buds. These locations are a short drive from our apartments in downtown Dallas and will guarantee you won’t even taste the difference from your everyday meals.  Spiral Diner  When people ask for vegan-friendly meals […]

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Keep it Crisp With a Fresh Salad in Dallas

a bowl of salad with chicken and berries

If you would like to enjoy a salad for dinner, head to one of these restaurants where you’ll find everything from greens topped with grilled chicken to lighter fare with fresh fruit: Hillstone Restaurant Popular among Highland Park’s most esteemed locals, Hillstone is known for being architecturally thoughtful and warm. It features dim lighting, cozy […]

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