Find the Best Antiques and Collectibles at Unique Dallas Shops

antique shops in Dallas

Many love vintage and antique items for their aesthetic appeal. Others pride themselves on their interior design skills. Whichever fits you, we know you will enjoy visiting these antique shops near our high-rise apartments in Dallas. What’s more, you’ll have an awesome time scouring the best stores around and finding the perfect antique or collectible […]

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Support Dallas Businesses at Preston Royal Village

A woman's arm carrying shopping bags at Preston Royal Village

When Preston Royal Village in Dallas opened in 1958, it hosted a three-day celebration featuring live music, a pageant, and fabulous prizes. Today, it’s known for its warm atmosphere and unique places to shop. It is where you will find a mix of national and locally owned businesses, offering everything from dry cleaning to the […]

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Dallas Tabletop Game Stores Offer Curbside Services

People playing a board game fromTabletop Game Stores in Dallas

Playing tabletop board games by yourself or online with friends, family, and gaming communities is a fun indoor activity. Luckily, nearby tabletop game stores conveniently offer online shopping and curbside pickup near our apartments in downtown Dallas. Our favorite tabletop games stores in the neighborhood include: Common Ground Games Grab a copy of Arkham Horror: […]

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