Dallas World Aquarium: Fish and Much More


A quick 10-minute walk or 5-minute drive away from our downtown Dallas apartments lies an exotic world of flora, fauna, and fish. You can go from hectic, big-city life to an oasis of rainforests and far off lands by simply walking through a door.

The Dallas World Aquarium is more than an aquarium. It is an immersive experience that includes, not only the plants and animals of a special place but also its culture. For example, in the Mundo Maya area, the Mayan Performance Troupe enacts authentic Mayan dance.

Conservation and collaboration with zoos around the world is a large part of what The Dallas World Aquarium does. It showcases the wonders of a few endangered areas and introduces us to places we may not otherwise be able to visit.

The Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is different from most aquariums. It does begin with traditional exhibits. You’ll see all sorts of fun things like the seahorses, jellyfish, and coral. You can walk through a glass tunnel in the shark tank. It is a truly spine-tingling experience!

As you venture through, follow the fish and you will find yourself in enchanting, exotic locales ranging from ancient Maya to modern-day South Africa.

A Total Experience

The rest of the Dallas World Aquarium devotes itself to giving you a complete experience. Not only will you find fish, but also mammals, birds, plants, and even insects.

You can even walk through a rainforest with sloths. You’ll find yourself in Borneo with the world’s smallest penguins. If you like birds you’ll find flamingos, toucans, parrots, and host of other colorful others.


One of the great things about The Dallas World Aquarium is that you don’t get bored standing in line for tickets. The 200-foot entrance ramp is an exhibit in itself. You can hang out with Matschie’s tree kangaroo or a Moluccan cockatoo while you are waiting to buy tickets.

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