Explore the Fascinating Exhibits at the Dallas World Aquarium

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Nestled in the West End Historic District is a fascinating destination known as the Dallas World Aquarium.

It’s where visitors can learn about the habitats and conservation of an array of animals, and the building takes everyone back to 1929 when it was constructed as a warehouse for the storage of rubber goods.

There are a variety of exhibits to explore including:

Crocodile Cove

Crocodile Cove is home to several Orinoco crocodiles. These animals are rough in texture and feature a narrow snout which slopes upward near the tip. They’re known as the largest predator by mass in South America, and those living in the wild, feed in the water at night.


Stroll along a winding path through the wilds of Borneo. This exhibit features fish, mammals, and Australasian birds, and the blue penguins are a visitor favorite. These charming animals stand sixteen inches and weigh about three pounds. They are the smallest of all penguin species and feature a slate blue plumage with a bright white stomach.

Avian Trail

Take a walk on the Avian Trail to see golden lion tamarins and a variety of birds such as the citron-throated toucans. They have a yellow throat and breast, while their back and tail are black. Females are slightly smaller than males, and these birds communicate with frog-like vocalizations.

Cafe Maya

Visitors who are hungry can enjoy a meal at Cafe Maya. This casual restaurant offers attentive service and a limited menu that includes shredded chicken tacos, South of the Border burgers, and green chili & sour cream enchiladas.

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