Virtually Explore the Fort Worth Aviation Museum

fort worth museum

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum celebrates the people and aviation accomplishments of North Texas and beyond. It features fascinating exhibits and an airpark filled with 28 planes. While the museum welcomes thousands of annual visitors, it also offers plenty of virtual fun that you can enjoy right from your couch. Here is a sample of what you can discover from our apartments in downtown Dallas.

F14D Tomcat 

After starring in Top Gun, the F-14 Tomcat became one of the most widely known Navy fighter planes. The Navy began using the plane in 1972. At peak employment, 30 squadrons operated the aircraft featuring a unique variable sweep wing. The Tomcat retired in 2006 after flying combat missions in the Middle East.

Ch-53 Sea Stallion

Originally developed for the Marine Corps, the Ch-53 Sea Stallion is a helicopter that first took to the skies in 1964. It held up to 8,000 pounds and was used for personnel transport, aircraft recovery, and medical evacuation roles. Two of the helicopters later carried presidents and VIPs. 

OV-10 Bronco 

Dating back to 1965, the OV-10 Bronco took its first test flight in Columbus, Ohio. Test pilot Ed Gillespie was an accomplished aviator. During the plane’s development, his flight tests ranged from amusing to downright incredible, including a rough field landing. Still active in the U.S. military, the aircraft is currently flown in Afghanistan in a special operations role operated by the Navy. The aircraft is also used for private flying, mosquito control, and firefighting. The one on display is the original factory mockup. 

Before virtually exploring this exciting Fort Worth museum, order your favorite to-go burger from a local restaurant. Contact us today to learn more about One Dallas Center. We will arrange a tour where you can see everything that our Dallas high-rise apartments have to offer. 

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