Get Creative With These Dallas Craft Classes

making pottery

Dallas is the kind of vibrant city where imagination reigns, busy hands and minds create, and innovation succeeds. There is no better way to get into the vibe of the neighborhood than to learn something new. You can explore your inner artist and make new friends at these colorful venues specializing in simple craft-making.

MarssArt Studio

MarssArt Studio and Gallery is a first-class glass-blowing destination founded and led by artists Ron and Christopher Marrs. The studio also represents other talented glass crafters and apprentices who work in a variety of styles. The exquisite hand-blown glass work, most of it fashioned using traditional tools and age-old techniques, includes everything from vases to bowls to ornaments.

MarssArt offers classes mostly on Saturdays but private workshops and lessons can be arranged for other days as well as studio rentals for groups. The classes are friendly and relaxed with patient hands-on instruction by professional staff while cheerful music plays in the background to liven up the experience. You get to keep the bragging rights to your completed masterpiece.

Pressed Flower Crafts

Pressed Flower Crafts is the realized dream of Andrea Castaneda who takes the natural beauty of flowers and preserves them into timeless treasures. She presses the flowers of faded bouquets much like grandmothers did in the old days. It is an old-fashioned craft with a modern twist and Andrea has perfected the art of creating one-of-a-kind mementos you will love.

The workshops offered by Pressed Flower Crafts are meant to explore your imagination and guide you in constructing your own personal custom work of art. Cityscapes, birds and butterfly greeting cards, and state map stickers are just some of the possible pressed-flower keepsakes you can make. All the tools and flowers needed for a project are provided. A heavy book for pressing is all that is required.

Purple Glaze

Purple Glaze is the city’s one-stop do-it-yourself ceramic studio for all ages and all skill levels. You choose from over 200 whimsical or practical pieces available, select your favorite paint colors, and get to work designing your own custom treasure. The studio provides a variety of paint brushes, stencils, and stamps for an affordable foray into artistic heaven.

The friendly, relaxed workshops last for two hours and are perfect for groups or a night out with friends. The studio’s staff fire and glaze your completed masterpiece and have it ready for pick-up in about five days. A custom-designed vase, bowl, or novelty statuette is ideal as a personalized gift or for unique home decor. It’s a win/win for the community.

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