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international groceries in Dallas

When you’re looking to have some fun in the kitchen, Dallas offers international grocery stores that are well worth exploring. From authentic Japanese miso paste to unique Indian spices, you can find everything you need to experiment with new flavors. Check out three international grocery stores offering curbside pickup or delivery to our Dallas high-rise apartments.  

Indian Bazaar 

When it comes to the colorful flavors of Indian cuisine, Indian Bazaar is the real deal. This large supermarket is the perfect resource for cooking up your favorite Indian dishes from scratch, with products that include curries, ghee, chutneys, and a dizzying variety of spices. There are also flatbreads, savory snacks, and other goodies from India. Take advantage of curbside pickup at the store by shopping Indian Bazaar’s massive inventory online. Home delivery is also available with orders over $55. 

Kazy’s Gourmet Shop

The very first Japanese grocery store in Dallas, Kazy’s Gourmet Shop has been a local destination for a huge range of products since 1979. The store’s catalog is now available online with free delivery for orders over $50. From dried noodles to authentic wasabi, you can find pantry essentials for creating a wide variety of Japanese meals. Kazy’s is the supplier for sushi restaurants all over Dallas, and they offer a huge variety of high-quality, frozen seafood. 

Goody’s Food Market 

Enjoy the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors with the high-quality products available from Goody’s Food Market. Dallas residents can “shop by aisle” on the Mercato app and receive home delivery within a few hours. The store’s inventory is massive and you can find everything from kefir yogurt to Lebanese rice. There’s also halal meat and reasonably priced veggies. 

Another way to spice up your cooking is by taking virtual classes from great Dallas cooking schools. Learn more about living in our downtown Dallas luxury apartments by contacting us

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