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Native American jewelry has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. 

Paleo-Indians were the first to transform materials such as stones and shells into wearable jewelry, and soon, other tribes followed. 

Originally, the pieces signified social class, and the styles varied from tribe to tribe.

If you would like to find a unique piece of jewelry, head to Castle Gap. Family owned and operated since 1973, the shop specializes in sterling silver jewelry handcrafted by Native American artists. 

They create both traditional and modern designs, and artists include:

Calvin Martinez

Master silver and goldsmith, Calvin Martinez, offers traditional hand-rolled and hammered ingot jewelry. This style was adapted by Navajo silversmiths in the 1860s, and Calvin learned his craft from other family members. He uses heavy gauge sterling silver and gem-graded turquoise, and his pieces are among some of the most collected in Indian country. 

Aaron Toadlena 

Aaron Toadlena hails from the southwest highlands of Arizona where he lives with his wife and children. When he was a boy, he watched the silversmiths at the Gallup Indian Trading Company. Today, Aaron is known for his unique style, and his rings are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.  

Alex Sanchez 

A native of Gallup, New Mexico, Alex Sanchez specializes in the petroglyph style. He learned the art of jewelry making from his brother and uses heavy gauge sterling silver and 14K gold with high-quality stones. 

Federico Jimenez

Federico Jimenez grew up in Mexico in a Mixtec Indian community. He moved to the United States in 1967 to study jewelry making and design. Three years later during a trip to the southwest, he fell in love with the American Indian culture. Federico now calls California home, and creates his pieces by blending his heritage with his passion for Native American jewelry. 

If you would like to call One Dallas Center home, please contact us. We would love to give you a tour of our apartment community where you can see all we have to offer. 

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