Summer Cool Down: Trinity River Canoeing Spots

A woman canoeing in the Trinity River.

With summer winding down, hot temperatures are holding steady. Grab a canoe and cool off with a day exploring the banks of the Trinity River.

Trinity River Expeditions offers canoe rentals as well as guided tours on the second Saturday of every month. Just fourteen minutes from our Dallas high rise apartments, these three great areas of the river to explore include:

West Fork

West Fork flows from east Fort Worth toward Dallas. It’s bordered by pastures and wooded bottomland and features an extensive series of dams. Bird watching is excellent in this area, and you might even spot some chorus frogs. With a trilling call, you’ll likely hear them before you see them.

Denton Creek

The trips along Denton Creek range from six to twelve miles. Fallen trees and log jams are common obstacles, and they provide habitat for an array of wildlife. As you paddle, look in the water for longnose gars. As a living remnant of the prehistoric era, they are a unique species of freshwater fish. Gars are grayish to olive in color, and their fins are marbled with dark-colored spots. They can live out of the water for hours as long as their body stays moist.

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek runs between steep banks of floodplain soils. It features beaver-built dams, and trips range from two to seven miles in length. Watch for the red-eared slider turtles. They’re found across the country, and their green skin displays yellow stripes. These animals are cold-blooded and frequently venture onto land to warm up. 

Canoeing is just one of the outdoor activities you can enjoy as a resident of our downtown Dallas, Texas, apartments. If you’re searching for a place to call home, please contact us. We would love to show you our community firsthand. 

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