The Best Spring Rolls in Dallas

Fried spring rolls in a pot.

Spring rolls are a delicious Asian snack consisting of rice paper filled with minced vegetables and meat. Rolled into a cylinder before being fried, they make the perfect appetizer. Now that you’re craving spring rolls, visit one of these restaurants near our Dallas high-rise apartments. You’ll find the best spring rolls in town. DaLat Restaurant  […]

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Check Out a New Organic Restaurant in Dallas

A bowl of healthy food from an organic restaurant in Dallas.

Are you interested in eating healthier in the new year? Flower Child Dallas¬†opened a new restaurant near our downtown Dallas luxury apartments. The new location, just over a mile from our community, believes healthy food equals a happier world. Restaurant highlights include: Flower Child Philosophy Flower Child believes happiness begins within the body. Their goal […]

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The Best Brunch Spots in Dallas

Breakfast and brunch food on plates on a table.

Did you know the first documented brunch took place in late nineteenth-century Britain? Affluent men gathered for a late, leisurely meal after a morning of hunting. Brunch came to America a few years later, and today, chefs around the country keep this time-honored tradition alive. The best brunch spots near our Dallas high-rise apartments include: […]

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