Shop Online from Artisan Soap Stores in Dallas

handmade artisan soap bars from a Dallas shop

There’s no doubt that our apartments in downtown Dallas, pride themselves on being luxurious. That indulgent feeling extends to the bathrooms, too. Featuring Italian marble tiles, euro showers, and soaker tubs, our apartments have luxury built in. If you’d like to add a personal touch and a little extra lavishness, consider a few bars of […]

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Shop from Dallas Independent Bookstores Online

Woman reading a book from Dallas independent bookstores

When you have some extra time on your hands, there is no better hobby to take up than reading. Anytime, anywhere, a good book can make time fly. Thankfully, local book shops surround our downtown Dallas luxury apartment with a diverse range of authors and stories. Our favorite Dallas independent bookstores with online selections include: […]

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Shop Online from Glass Studios around Dallas

Colorful glassblown vases on display in a Dallas glass studio.

At glassblowing studios, artists use time-honored techniques to turn glass into amazing works of art. Shop online from some of the best glass studios around our downtown Dallas luxury apartments. You can even have your works of art delivered to your front door. Our favorite glass studios around Dallas include: Dallas Glassblowing Born out of […]

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