One-Pot Chicken Parmesan Alfredo Using Items Mostly From Your Pantry

A plate of chicken alfredo pasta.

One advantage of living in our high-rise apartments in Dallas is having a modern and spacious kitchen where you can create a five-star, four-course meal. However, you don’t need to practically destroy your cooking space by using nearly every pot and pan to make a delicious dish. Check out this recipe for making One-Pot Chicken […]

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Take an Online Class & Learn a New Skill!

Someone typing on a computer.

Perhaps you’ve seen the memes already. When Shakespeare was confined to his house, he wrote King Lear. When Sir Isaac Newton couldn’t leave his estate, he developed calculus and outlined the theory of gravity.  Talk about pressure.  The good news is, you don’t have to write a groundbreaking work of literature or invent an entire […]

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Recreational Drawing Classes in Dallas, TX

A woman drawing an image on a sketch pad with a pencil.

Did you know drawing is one of the earliest art forms? It dates back to prehistoric times and typically lacks color. If you would like to learn new drawing skills, head to one of these recreational art schools near our Dallas high-rise apartments. You’ll learn how to create landscapes, portraits, and more. J’s Art Studio  […]

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