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Perhaps you’ve seen the memes already. When Shakespeare was confined to his house, he wrote King Lear. When Sir Isaac Newton couldn’t leave his estate, he developed calculus and outlined the theory of gravity. 

Talk about pressure. 

The good news is, you don’t have to write a groundbreaking work of literature or invent an entire field of mathematics to be productive and feel fulfilled while you’re hanging out in our high-rise apartments in Dallas. Think of this as a time to take a step back, tie up loose ends, tackle projects that you’ve been putting off, and maybe learn a new skill or two. 

Top 3 Online Learning Platforms 

Our world is more connected than ever before, putting anything you want to know right at your fingertips. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which platforms are the best for online learning? Here are our three favorite online course providers, all of which offer a wide variety of classes at reasonable prices. 


Learning on Udemy is fun and rewarding. Classes on the site run the gamut. You could learn how to code, brush up on your presentation skills, become a financial analyst, or unleash your more creative side in a photography class, and this barely scratches the surface. Udemy offers hundreds of best-selling courses in many different areas. The courses themselves include on-demand videos and downloadable resources to check your learning. Best of all, the courses are inexpensive, ranging from $9.99 to $14.99, which is a steal. 


Instead of offering individual classes, Coursera offers a subscription service for those who are more serious about online learning. In fact, Coursera partners with leading universities around the world to provide a premium education for one set price. A Coursera Plus subscription costs $399 per year and comes with a 14-day, money-back guarantee. This flat fee gives you access to as many courses as you want to take, including scheduled and on-demand options. 

LinkedIn Learning

Formerly known as Lynda, LinkedIn Learning also provides a subscription service that gives you access to unlimited courses for one set price. Billed monthly, the price is $29.99 or you can get a discount of 33% if you pay annually, which works out to $19.99 per month. The site has over 15,000 expert-led courses. Plus, if you’re already on LinkedIn, the platform will create a custom course list for you based on your profile and interests. What a perfect way to hone your skills and build your resume. LinkedIn Learning also offers a free trial month, so there’s no risk to join. 

When it comes to online learning, the sky really is the limit. Whatever you choose to do, turning your downtime inside our downtown Dallas luxury apartments into personal development time is sure to boost your spirits. If you’re looking for a place to call home, contact us today. 

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