Three of the Best Escape Rooms in Dallas

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In the Dallas area, residents at of our high-rise luxury apartments can find a variety of options for a fun afternoon or evening out. One particularly entertaining way for them to spend time with friends and family is by visiting one of the many escape rooms that can be found nearby.

Here are just a few of the best escape rooms that residents can enjoy. So, the question is, are you up to the challenge that these escapes rooms have to offer?

Solve Hyper-Realistic Scenarios

Escape The Room has several locations nationwide and, at the one found in Dallas, visitors are treated to four unique escape rooms that have been developed by an all-star team of theme park engineers, puzzle designers, and set designers.

Visitors to Escape the Room take part in an interactive experience as they immerse themselves in 60 minutes of perplexing puzzling. Only 20% of the sleuths who take on the challenge make their way through the clues and storyline to solve the puzzle, so reaching a successful solution really will earn you some serious bragging rights.

Take on the Highest Rated Escape Room in Texas

At The Secret Chambers, you and your group can tackle any one of a trio of rooms that are on offer at this 5-star escape room. As the 2018 recipient of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence, this escape room offers an experience that’s been crafted by award-nominated filmmakers as well as a noteworthy crew of writers, artists, and video game designers.

Choose Between Escape Rooms or Virtual Reality

The puzzles offered by Red Door Escape Room come in a variety of difficulties, so sleuths of all skill levels will be able to find a suitable challenge whether they are solving the mysteries of the Time Machine or working to unravel clues in the Wild West.

In addition, when you visit Red Door Escape Room, you can bypass the escape rooms and instead take on an immersive virtual reality experience. If you opt to immerse yourself in VR, then you can expect to tackle action-based challenges, rather than intellectual puzzles, as you work to explore different worlds.

Opportunities for Entertainment Are Endless

Escape rooms are a great choice whether you’re looking for a fun activity for family, friends, or even ideas for a date night. Residents here at One Dallas Center can expect to find a vast selection of fun-filled ways to spend their time when they make their home in our luxury community. Contact us today to schedule a tour as well as to discuss more about life in the Dallas area.

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